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The Indian Wedding
In a country where hospitality and colour is a way of life, where the culture is steeped in tradition, where history live in music and dance, India surely offers one of the most symbolic and special wedding destinations in the world...more


Ayurveda-Rejuvenation Therapy
Ayurveda is an ancient system of treatment based on medicines prepared from herbal plants found in abundance in India. Ayurveda is an integral part of life for the people of India and provides perfect setting to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul...more



India the leading textile exporter in the whole world...Check out what's the reason behind this explosive growth...more  

 Indian Textile

Spiritual India
Knowing divine/super natural power through self realization (Atma & Parmatma)...more


Beach Holidays
Experience the cool wind, the warm sunshine along the exotic Beaches of Goa, Kerala, Puri & other exotic beaches. Anjuna beach in Goa is famous for its flea market and rave parties... more


Explore South India's greatest cultural treasure by pilgrimage of the distinctive temples depicting unique ancient architecture ...more

Cultural Traditions of India

The self object (kohul) goes beyond the notion of self to environment, and is greatly influenced by culture. It is this tension between individual faces and cultural masks which gives psychoanalysis much of its cultural power...more

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga regulates the nervous system & aims to attain perfect equilibrium through the practice of asanas (body postures), breath control, discipline, cleansing, contemplation & awareness. Meditation which complements yoga to relieve stress increase awareness & bring inner peace...more 


Adventure World (India) Pvt. Ltd.
108, Pragati Tower, 26 Rajendra Place
New Delhi - 110008 (India)
Phone: +91-11-25724462, 25721861, 25737320
Facsimile:+91-11-25751536, 25812127


Adventure Saga
Travelling in India can be the ultimate adventure. Furthermore it's geographical diversity which 

allows for a wide range of trips to be planned from Trekking on Himalayan ranges or from Tea State of Darjeeling; to riding on camel back in Rajasthan or Bicycle Adventure to Horse Safari, to Rafting on Ganga or onto Jeep Safari in Spiti Valley - Our trips are designed to allow one to sample a small range of this diversity.

Wildlife tours
Visit India's great game parks and offer a thrilling encounter with wildlife in it's natural states. Stay in jungle lodges and game drives are conducted on Elephant, Jeep/Canter...more

Camel Safari
Choose your route for safari out of many available with us. It is a complete “Off the beaten track” adventure embodied with charm, excitement by navigating through sand and dooms of Rajasthan ...more

Horse Safari
The trail chosen in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan takes you through small villages, old forts & temples, variety of terrain and vegetation including scrub covered arid plains to forested hills...

Bicycle Tours
These events and tours are a great way to learn about cycling and will give you the opportunity to spend a beautiful day or vacation...more

Experience guides and porters or ponies carry all food, camping equipments and personal belongings. At night you stay in tents...more

Raft journeys can last from a few hours to several days, and range from two persons which participants enjoy to all the fun thrills...more

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