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Nawalgarh -> Naharsinghani Lunch Halt ->  Churi Ajitgarh -> Mandawa ->
Mojas ->  Nangli ->  Dhakas ->  Mehandar -> Takalsar ->  Fatehpur ->
Vibipur -> Badi Roru ->  Talab -> Ganeri -> Salaskar  -> Nawalgarh

Day - 01

Nawalgarh – Naharsinghani Lunch Halt – Churi Ajitgarh – 35 km
The ride goes through semi-desertic area with small farms and countryside dotted with “Khejri” trees. Lunch Halt is on a very high sand dune with panoramic view. Afternoon ride passes by typical Shekhawati village Mukandgarh. Camp site in flat arid field.

Day - 02

Churi Ajitgarh – Mandawa – Mojas – 26 km
As you ride north now terrain becomes arid with less vegitation and more sand dunes. Lunch halt at Mandawa outskirts on a stretch of sand dunes with view of fort in distant background. Campsite Mojas is extraordinary stretch of 10 kms. 

Flat desert with “Khinp” bushes. Sunset and sunrise of this campsite is not missed. 
Day - 03

Mojas – Nangli – Dhakas - 35 km
The ride goes through dry sandy area. Lunch Halt is on a high sand dune “Gogameri”. Here there is a temple dedicated to famous Flok hero “Gogaji”. Overnight camp near village Dhakas. A typical area with a large population of peacocks in the wild. 

Day - 04

Dhakas – Mehandar – Takalsar – 35 km
Todays ride takes you further into heart of Shekhawati region. From Mehansar – Gangiyasar then you start moving south to reach your camp site near Takalsar

Day - 05

Takalsar – Fatehpur – 30 km
Passing through high sand dunes you reach “Fatehpur Beed”. The Nawab of Fatehpur 300 years ago had encircled a area riding on horse from sunrise – sunset and declared it protected. Now Fatehpur Beed is a amazing 70 sq. Km. Area with all species of desert plants, bushes, grasses growing in it. It is a desert forest museum. Camping in the Beed is a new experience. You might chance to see desert fox / jackal / bluebull dder. A example that if human’s don’t interfere a semiforest can be created in a desert.


Day - 06

Fatehpur – Vibipur – Badi Roru – 33 km
Ride for 5-7 kms through bush and forested area of the Fatehpur Beed to reach flat grass lands and then dry farming area. Lunch halt near Vibipur village. Afternoon ride through arid region to reach camp site near typical Rajput village. 

Day - 07 Badi Roru – Talab – Ganeri – 30 km
This day you traverse small sanddunes with less trees and alkaline soils to reach Ganeri. Our camp is on a farm surrounded by dunes almost like a volcano crater. The farmer is a horse lover and owns 3-4 horses. He will be our guest at dinner where you can exchange and share horse riding experiences.
Day - 08

Ganeri – Salasar – 22 km
Ride further through sandy area to reach the end of your safari at Salasar which is a famous Hindu pilgrimage Center “Hanuman Temple”.
It is time to say goodbye to your horses.


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